"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


- Hippocrates

Life is about balance. Symptoms develop when this balance is disturbed.

Help us guide you back to your "balance" so that symptoms do not arise. Without symptoms, there is no disease.

Dr Udit khanna
Integrative/Functional GP
MBBS, RACGP, ACNEM, Hon. Clinical Lecturer University Of Wollongong 


I have been working as doctor for over 20 years. I completed MBBS at All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1999. During my work, I came across many 'untreatable' cases. My inner wisdom always knew that there is more to medicine and that our body has the power and the ability to heal given suitable circumstances. I realised that healing is possible if we can find the right balance with both external and internal environment, and have trust in our ability to heal.

I started my functional journey in 2017 to learn beyond what a standard medical training teaches us. Since then, I have been successfully able to help patients heal their chronic diseases including cancer by introducing environmental and functional medicine.​

I am always curious to learn and find more about the healing magic of body. I enjoy walks in nature, cooking healthy recipes, reading, playing with my dogs.

Dr Khanna's Tip of the Month

Five ways to deal with stress and anxiety in these trying times


1. Guided meditation to relax and calm the mind

2. Keep moving your body. e.g house work

3. Stay away from news and social media as much as possible

4. Listen to music. Music works as a catalyst to open happiness in heart

5. Drink some herbal tea like lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, etc

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Swati Khanna
Removing Blockages, Soul Activation, Energy Alchemy, Dip Hypnotherapy, NLP 


I help people understand their life path. I remove blockages and illusions from people's life for them to understand and have clarity. It is only for few people who are ready to move to the next level in their journey. During sessions  you will receive activation's  as required to help you achieve your soul path.

You know you are ready when you have made conscious decision to be on your soul journey. You are ready to Awaken to a new reality. You are ready to be a divine being. 

I am also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.​

Message From Swati: 
Listen to your intuition.
Have patience.
Consider carefully what you want before acting 

Jasmin Choice

BA, Dip Kinesiology, DipMBM

(Distant healing via Video/Phone available)

Jasmin works with anxiety in adults and children. Jas treats holistically, which means you’ll be treated for your presenting issue structurally, biochemically, psychologically and energetically. Jas provides a completely judgement-free, safe and welcoming space.

Salt Therapy


Halotherapy is a Dry Salt Therapy that utilises a halogenerator to grind and crush 99.9% Pure Grade Sodium Chloride (Salt) into micronized particles that are dispersed into a salt room via a dry salt aerosol that works to aid respiratory concerns (including Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD) and skin conditions

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