Autoimmune Diseases

I group all autoimmune disorders together. The type of disease that manifests depends on the type of antibody that develops. The underlying problem (i.e the tendency for the body to produce antibody that mimics its own tissues) is the same. The name of the disease is given depending on where the damage is happening:

  • Thyroid – Hashimoto’s disease

  • Pancreas – Type 1 Diabetes

  • Joints – Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Soft tissues – Lupus

  • etc

Certain environmental stimuli / exposures are almost certainly responsible. If it was purely a genetic cause, I would expect the antibody to be present since birth.

There can be different environmental stimuli (or a combination of them) for different types of antibodies and therefore different disease presentation.

Environmental stimuli could be

  • External: e.g  Medicines, Toxins, Pesticides, Pollution

  • Internal: e.g Stress, anxiety.

Both are intricately linked to each other. Stress changes our behavior and we may gravitate towards foods which may contain toxins and vice versa.

Moreover, both internal and external environment changes the way our body metabolizes food.

During my assessment, I will work through your timeline and lifestyle (to look for specific exposures). Both conventional and herbal medicines may be used to control symptoms whilst I work on your health.

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