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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Most frequently asked questions are listed below. If you can’t find an answer, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


What is hypnosis?

It is a pleasant relaxed, voluntary, state of concentration. We utilise the fact that the subconscious mind has an ability to heal. Here is where the hypnotherapist assists in the changes you are wanting to make for any behaviours, feelings and thoughts.

What is a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

A Clinical Hypnotherapist is a specialist in hypnosis, who uses the healing state of hypnosis to work with problems or conditions that a client wishes to change.

In what area can Hypnotherapy be used?

A qualified hypnotherapist is trained to help with a variety of problems, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards, ethics and training.

Hypnotherapy can help with smoking cessation, overeating, nail biting, bed wetting, insomnia, headaches, exam nerves, pain, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, bulimia, depression, mood swings, alcoholism, relationship problems, hostility, anger, resentments, worry, guilt, grief, asthma, blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and compulsions.

Swati Khanna

Clincal Hypnotherapy Dip, NLP

Hypnotherapy has been a great help in improving exam performance, study recall, memory, sports focus, public speaking, personal growth, pain control, performance, assertiveness, childbirth, communication, relaxation, counselling, confidence, releasing the past, personal empowerment, and goal setting.

Hypnosis can be used in the treatment of most disorders - whether mental or otherwise - where the relaxation response promotes the person’s positive mindset. 

For example, with a physical injury, the person’s mental resources can be enlisted to aid in managing the subsequent discomfort, allow for some rest, and lessen the associated emotional trauma. 

Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical treatment from your doctor

Cost per session:  $150 (60 minutes)