There are mainly 2 types of Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease (Pls refer above - "Autoimmune diseases")

Type 2 Diabetes is what I will be elaborating here.

When we eat our blood sugar levels starts to rise. Insulin is then released from pancreas in an attempt to drive the excess blood sugar into our cells. The cells then burn the sugar to generate energy. Any excess sugar is changed to fat, and either stored within the cell or transported out as cholesterol.

Metabolic mechanisms could come under pressure and potentially fail at any of the above steps. These failures start to become visible on the blood test panels long before diabetes develops - a sign that the body has started to compensate for these mechanism failures. When the body cannot compensate anymore, Diabetes develops.

The best time to intervene is early in the process because results are quick and lasting. However, it is never too late to address the issue. I have been able to help (and stop insulin) even in people who have severe diabetes.

The added benefit of this approach is that related medical conditions like high cholesterol, high BP, mental fogginess, low thyroid hormone may also improve.


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