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What is Kinesiology:

Kinesiology works with the body's innate healing ability and focuses on the relationship between mind and body. Kinesiology uses the specialised technique of 'muscle monitoring' to identify subconscious stress. It is understood that stress if left unresolved, will eventually manifest on a physical level arising as physical, mental or emotional symptoms. Kinesiology uses client-centred counselling identify stress, uses muscle testing and the lens of Chinese Medicine to identify where it is stored in the body. The next step is to help release it from the body. It's a beautiful, safe, clarifying, gentle and relaxing process. Kinesiology can go deep quickly, but the pace will always be guided by each individual client. 


Jasmin came into kinesiology while living in France. Having experienced longstanding anxiety and limiting beliefs since childhood, she confided in a friend who recommended that she see their local family kinesiologist.

Her experience was so powerful that it changed the direction of her life, and it was from this point onward she knew she wanted to be to others who that kinesiologist had been to her. Upon her return to Australia she continued receiving treatments and commenced studies, heading straight into work at a multi-modality clinic upon completion. She has been practicing ever since. With her qualifications, ability to feel what other people feel, and drive to problem solve, it's not surprising that Jasmin ended up on this path. Jas loves what she does. 

Jasmin Choice

Sessions with Jas: 

Jasmin helps her clients gain clarity, calm and self-empowerment. She helps transform stress, chronic pain and anxiety in both adults and children. She works thoroughly with both mind and body, combining gentle counselling to identify unresolved stress, then releasing it from where it is stored in the body using finely tuned acupressure and soothing nervous system toning techniques. Jasmin's work is described as 'transformative' 'authentic' 'intuitive' and 'clarifying'. Jasmin provides a safe, welcoming, judgement-free space for her clients.

Adult Initial - $150 - 90 minutes

Child - $95 - 60 minutes
Adult Follow Up - $110 - 60 minutes
Child Follow Up - $65 - 30 minutes