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  • Swati Khanna


Updated: 5 days ago

Life is a hurdle race - when you look back over your shoulders and see all the hurdles you have already made it over.

Life is about learning lessons. Some lessons come easy and some come harder, but either way it's only a lesson to be learned to help us move forward.

This should inspire you from all the hurdles that are ahead of you for you should know from the past that you can climb over any hurdle that comes your way.

Remember it's a journey, no matter how unplanned it looks just enjoy each moment of it as an experience.

Like going on holidays, no matter how much we plan it never goes the way we expect, we still enjoy every moment of it because we know it's just an experience.

Life is a beautiful gift, living everyday is a power. The beauty of life lies in its shades of happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, light and dark, having and not having.

Life is only in the present moment. Live in today.

Every day, every moment is special because it never comes back.

Living in the present is the key to a happy life.