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Are you chronically tired ?

You could be suffering with Adrenal fatigue.

This also known as Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis Dysfunction. HPA axis is a "Stress Response System" in our body and it can start to fatigue over time due to various lifestyle factors.

Adrenal Fatigue is becoming increasingly common in our modern lifestyle.

Symptoms include:

- Unexplained persistent fatigue, waking un-refreshed after a good night’s sleep, easily tired after minor exertion, relying on naps or energy bars/drinks during the day.

- Insomnia

- Brain fog, Trouble concentrating, Forgetfulness

- Trouble completing basic tasks you could once handle easily

- Muscle aches and joint pains, Headaches

- Depression, Unable to handle stress, Irritability

- Low libido

- Frequent infections

- Poor digestion, Constipation, Abdominal bloating, Heartburn, Nausea

- Becoming easily confused, hoarse voice.

It is imperative to exclude other causes of fatigue such as Iron, Magnesium or Thyroid hormone deficiency before addressing the drivers of HPA axis dysfunction.

HPA axis dysfunction can been associated with various conditions: Prolonged illness or infections, Stress, PTSD, Loss of a loved one, Abnormal sleep patterns, Toxin exposure, and Poor diet.

Chronic stress and lifestyle factors feature prominently in the list of causes. Therefore even slight adjustment in these areas can significantly improve the outcome.

Stress can respond to gentle exercise routine and regular mindfulness practice and can be beneficial in reducing the impact of stress as many specific psychological strategies.

Adequate and good quality sleep and diet usually helps everything in the body to function optimally.

A holistic approach requires an individual tailored program addressing the causes that have lead to the HPA axis dysfunction including but not limited to any lifestyle and dietary factors and sometimes nutritional supplements.

Goal is to allow a person to regain the energy and vitality that they previously had.