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  • Swati Khanna


Updated: 5 days ago

"Be Curious not Judgmental"

Judgement is our own perception about things, we judge every moment and every being. The way we look at things, doesn't mean they exist that way. We often judge situations and come to a conclusion about it.

Judgement can be about anything and everything. It's an emotion which slowly starts to control our everyday living. It stops us being grateful and having gratitude.

It commonly comes from the Ego's need to control everything in our lives. As a result we lose peace and happiness in our lives. We often try to control the outcome of things happening in our life by being judgmental and planning in advance for the result we want.

Judgement only creates restrictions to our imagination and ability to think differently. This is why we live in a fog.

Start loving everything without judgement and see the entire world open for you. If judgment disappears, you have become innocent. If you don’t divide things into good and bad, ugly and beautiful, acceptable and non acceptable; if you don’t divide things, if you look at reality without any division, your eyes will come into existence for the first time.

You cannot stop someone judging you but you can certainly stop judging others, perhaps that may help to teach others to be peaceful and that they can be more compassionate towards us.

Always remember everything we judge in others is something within ourselves we don't want to face.

The secret to live a peaceful life is to give love and appreciation without judging any situation because that's your true nature. Love and judgement can't go together.

We feel good when we are giving it.